Education for Orphans

Help Send an Orphan or Vulnerable Child to School for a Year for as Little as $30!

Now I know For many of the orphans and vulnerable children in third world countries, education is the only means for pulling them out of poverty. Yet for too many of them, obtaining an education is an elusive goal. Even though many governments provide free education through the public schools, many children, and especially orphans, cannot afford to buy the required school uniform, shoes, books and supplies so they can attend. The Education for Orphans project works to find sponsors who will provide the school fees and other expenses for children who live in some of the poorest countries in the world, giving them the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through their own efforts.

For just $30 per year you can pay for the fees and other expenses so a child in a third world country can attend school for an entire year. Click here to sponsor a child's education for an entire year.

Help Us Provide the "I Can Soar" Program to More Children

Description of the "I Can Soar" Program:

"I Can Soar" is a school curriculum designed to help youth ages 12-18 establish life goals that will empower them to remain abstinent until marriage and to form healthy, stable families in the future. The lessons make use of social science data and research on topics affecting youth and their sexuality, including in the areas of premarital sex, cohabitation, sexually transmitted diseases, marriage, divorce, prostitution, abortion, pregnancy, parenthood, use of drugs and alcohol and more.

Real life experiences of teens who have made decisions in these areas and the outcomes they have experienced will be highlighted in a series of accompanying video presentations entitled "Choices and Consequences."

Goals of the Program:

To help at-risk youth and especially orphans to:

  1. Have hope that they can make decisions that will help them to have a successful, healthy life.
  2. Learn how to set and achieve goals for the future.
  3. Understand the current research and findings from social science that will help them project probable outcomes from various behaviors and lifestyle choices.
  4. Be empowered to avoid AIDS, STDs and unwanted pregnancy by providing them with specific knowledge and decision-making skills.
  5. Prepare to build their own healthy and stable families as adults.

Why this program is needed:

While traveling throughout the world visiting orphanages and vulnerable children, we have found one common thread; many children have lost hope for a brighter future. Because of the hardships they have experienced and the conditions in which they live, they have developed a feeling that fate has doomed them to a life of poverty, hopelessness, and in many countries, an early death from AIDS. Many of the children have experienced the deaths of friends and loved ones and believe that they too will likely die of AIDS or another disease. One of the greatest contributors to family instability, poverty and orphaned children across the world is the AIDS pandemic. An estimated 45 million people are currently affected, and more than 25 million have died. It is estimated that in Africa alone, there will be 25 million AIDS orphans by 2010.

The "I Can Soar" program seeks to give these children hope that they can have a brighter future. It effectively teaches them the life skills to achieve it.

Sharon Slater, the Chair of Families for Orphans helped develop and implement the internationally acclaimed "Stay Alive" HIV/AIDS prevention program which is aimed at younger children before they become sexually active and teaches them AIDS-resistant behavior.

Building upon her experience with the Stay Alive program, she is leading a team to develop and implement the "I Can Soar" Life Skills Program, which is focused on the needs of teens.

"I Can Soar" seeks to empower teens with the knowledge that making good decisions now is essential to having hope for success in their lives, and healthy, stable families in the future.

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