Sponsor an Orphan

Orphans Sponsoring an orphan gives you the chance to make a huge and often life-changing difference in the life of a child.

Your sponsorship provides for their basic physical needs such as food, shelter and clothing, and it can also provide critical medical care. But your sponsorship is important in another way as well. It shows your child that someone in the world cares enough about him or her to sponsor them. For an orphan who has never had the benefit of a loving family, or in too many cases, any relationship with someone who cares about them personally, your sponsorship in and of itself can be a life changing relationship.

We try our best to match sponsors with a particular child and establish some type of communication link between the child and the sponsor. However, for a variety of reasons this is not always possible. Language barriers are one reason. The sponsor and the child often speak different languages. Also, children transfer between orphanages and we lose contact with them ourselves, In many cases, they can be placed back with extended family members fairly quickly, are taken into foster care or they are actually adopted. All of these options are better for the child than remaining in an orphanage. You can be assured, however, that every child you sponsor is deserving and very grateful for your support. And even if we cannot match you with a particular child, we let you know periodically how much good your generosity is doing for these children.

There are several ways you can sponsor an orphan or vulnerable child. One is to individually sponsor one or more children yourself. We list below the projects and orphanages we are highlighting and the sponsorship costs and also summarize them on our contribution page.

Another option is to cosponsor a child by contributing a set amount on a monthly basis ($5 minimum). We then combine the contributions of several cosponsors to fund the sponsorship of a child. On our contribution page, you can also note how much you wish to contribute toward a cosponsorship.

Sponsor an Orphan in Mexico. For $35 a month you can sponsor an orphan in the Casa de Elizabeth Orphanage. This is the institution we are partnering with in developing our pilot program to move children out of the orphanage into a family situation, either with their own relatives, with a Mexican family or through international adoption.

Sponsor an Orphan in Mozambique. For $30 a year you can change the life of an orphan in one of the poorest countries in the world, one especially hard hit by the HID/AIDS pandemic. There are already 1.4 million orphans in this country of about 30 million, and the magnitude of the orphan crisis there is almost unimaginable. We are helping the government of Mozambique in a project to encourage Mozambican families to take in as many of these orphans as possible and to facilitate international adoption of others.

Sponsor an Orphan in India. We are helping to find sponsors for the orphans and vulnerable children of leprosy-affected individuals in India. Leprosy still affects many people in that country, and not only are the leprosy-affected individuals themselves impacted by this dreaded disease, but their entire families are shunned and ostracized. This exacts an especially terrible toll on the vulnerable children and orphans of these unfortunate individuals. For $85 a month, we can sponsor a child in a residential school and provide medical care, education, leprosy prevention medication, and most importantly, the chance for a healthy and productive future.

Sponsor a Child to Attend School. In many developing countries, public education is provided for free, but there are still certain costs associated with school that prohibit many orphans and vulnerable children from attending. These include school fees, required school supplies and required school uniforms. For $30 you can give a child in a developing country the opportunity to attend school for an entire year and give them hope for a better future.

You can easily and securely make an online tax-deductible contribution to become a sponsor in any of these programs by clicking here. You can also print out a contribution form here if you wish to make a contribution by mail.

Thank you for whatever you can do to sponsor one of these orphans and vulnerable children!